Four Facilities of Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta

As an international school in Jakarta, Global Sevilla ensuring their students for best support in their daily learning process. With that mind, they provide excellent facilities in each of their campuses, including for their preschool level. Young learners can find many different facilities, such as indoor and outdoor facilities to enhance their social and physical skill during the learning process. Here is the explanation of four key facilities preschool Jakarta.


Four Main Facilities of Global Sevilla Preschool

Global Sevilla

  1. Indoor Sensory Rooms

This preschool provides an attractive sensory room to develop the students’ sense through special music, lighting, and object. Besides that, it can enhance learning and play at the same time. Trough sensory room, every young learner can meet multiple objectives depending on each student’s necessity. Also, they can develop their self-regulate, encourage independence and learn coping skills.


  1. Outdoor Playground Facilities

Children at this stage are mostly interested in outdoor activities. They can develop an interest in sports activities, like throwing, catching, and handling a ball. For these reasons, Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta provides the great open space facilities playground uses to run, climb, and jump. In this case, these skills build confidence to engage more with their peers and environment. Also, they can interact with each other and lead the conversation.


  1. Spacious Classroom Environment

A spacious classroom correlates with an excellent performance of the learner. Having color and decoration for preschoolers creates an ideal environment for the learning process.  This institution offers a spacious classroom facility feature useful ventilated window when they view learning environment are supportive and positive. Thus, young learners can learn in a fun way with a great manner to make student learn faster and better.


  1. Wide-Open Space in the Preschool

Not only have a supportive classroom for children, this preschool Jakarta has wide open spaces with beautiful sceneries and bright, spacious rooms for young learners to spend their time and bring the sense of peace to their daily activities in the school. Plus, there is green outdoor Amphitheatre too support outdoor classes, performance, and art lessons. Indeed, green surrounding and the fresh air add the comfortable during the learning process.


All in all, Global Sevilla preschool offers great opportunities for a young learner to have excellent facilities. It is suitable for developmental ability at this level. The supportive facilities in this preschool, including outdoor and indoor rooms, genuinely create young learner to have better education. Spacious classroom, wide-open space, playground area, and sensory room are facilities that help to ensure fun learning activities for children at preschool.

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